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Caracol Radio is a radio station which broadcasting from Colombia. Let’s discover it’s history & information as well as if Caracol Radio permit us to play their digital audio content, we will listen here. RadiosTalk is the free directory of online radio stations and listed Caracol Radio as best internet radio broadcast station in Colombia.

Caracol Radio. is one of the fundamental radio arranges in Colombia. Established in Medell?n in 1948 when La Voz de Antioquia station procured the half of Emisoras Nuevo Mundo, situated in Bogota. Julio Mario Santo Domingo was its fundamental shareholder until 2004, when Spanish Grupo Prisa purchased the Grupo Latino de Radio, whose 17% was Santo Domingo’s. In 1945 Colombian Liberal Party lawmakers Cesar Garc?a, Jorge Soto del Corral, Luis Uribe Piedrahita, Alberto Arango Tavera, Carlos Sanz Santamaria, Jos? Gomez Pinzon, Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo, and Alfonso Lopez Michelsen made Sociedad Radio difusion Interamericana, which might make the Emisora Nuevo Mundo in Bogota. On 3 September 1948, La Voz de Antioquiaacquired the half of Emisora Nuevo Mundo. Caracol Radio might be legitimately established in 1949. Coltejer, a material organization which had put resources into La Voz de Antioquia and Emisoras Nuevo Mundo, might possess a few. Caracol Radio is one of the popular radio station in Colombia.

Popular Programs :

  • El Pulso del Futbol
  • La Ventana
  • La Luciernaga
  • Hora 20
  • El Alargue
  • Sana-Mente
  • Colombia Universal
  • A Vivir Que Son Dos Dias
  • Planeta Caracol
  • Noticiero del Medio Dia

Official Website :

Frequency of this radio station is 810 kHz 100.9 MHz. Caracol Radio plays different type of radio like sports news, different kind of series podcast as well as News / talk. HJCY (AM), HJGL (FM) They broadcast fm radio in Bogotá and central Colombia. It was established in 1935 (as La voz de Antioquia) 1948 (as Emisoras Nuevo Mundo). And they celebrate their birthday on . The owner of Caracol Radio is Caracol Radio.

Short Information of Caracol Radio:

Name Description
Radio Name Caracol Radio
Country Colombia
Genres (Type of radio) National News
Website & Contact Info
Frequency 810 kHz 100.9 MHz
First Lunch (First On Air) 1935 (as La voz de Antioquia) 1948 (as Emisoras Nuevo Mundo)
Format News / talk
Broadcasting Zone Bogotá and central Colombia
Brand HJCY (AM), HJGL (FM)
Owner Caracol Radio

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