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Orthodoxy Radio is one of the popular radio stations in Egypt. Let’s discover it’s history & information. And as well as if Orthodoxy Radio permit us to play their radio station, we will listen in our site. RadiosTalk is the free directory of online radio stations. We listed Orthodoxy Radio in our directory. In Egypt there are lots of fm radio and online radio. This is one of the best online radio station in Egypt

Like there’s many other radios in the country but not all of them are very popular or engaged deeply with the understanding and preference of the listeners like Orthodoxy Radio they always tries their best to be with their listeners and get to know what they actually loves about Orthodoxy Radio.

Orthodoxy Radio official website address is www.radio.orsozoxi.net

Orthodoxy Radio slogan is – Your own radio!(Το δικό σου ραδιόφωνο). Frequency of this radio station is 101.1 MHz (National) 101.6 MHz (Paphos) 101.7 MHz (Larnaca) 101.9 MHz (Famagusta). Orthodoxy Radio plays different type of radio like sports news, different kind of series podcast as well as News, talk and music. O Logos (Ο Λόγος) They broadcast this radio station from Cyprus. It was established in April 25, 1992 (1992-04-25). And they celebrate their birthday on April 25,  . The owner of Orthodoxy Radio is Church of Cyprus. You can find Orthodoxy Radio’s apps in Diesi FM 101,1.

Short Information of Orthodoxy Radio:

Name Description
Radio Name Orthodoxy Radio
Country Egypt
Genres (Type of radio) Misc
Website & Contact Info https://radio.orsozoxi.net
City Strovolos
Frequency 101.1 MHz (National) 101.6 MHz (Paphos) 101.7 MHz (Larnaca) 101.9 MHz (Famagusta)
Established (First on air) April 25, 1992 (1992-04-25)
Birtday April 25,  
Format News, talk and music
Slogan Orthodoxy Radio slogan is – Your own radio!(Το δικό σου ραδιόφωνο).
Broadcasting Zone Cyprus
Brand O Logos (Ο Λόγος)
Owner Church of Cyprus
Webcast Diesi FM 101,1


From where Orthodoxy Radio broadcast?

Answer: Egypt.

When this radio station established ?

Answer: April 25, 1992 (1992-04-25).

Who is the owner of Orthodoxy Radio ?

Answer: Church of Cyprus.

What is the frequency of Orthodoxy Radio?

Answer: 101.1 MHz (National) 101.6 MHz (Paphos) 101.7 MHz (Larnaca) 101.9 MHz (Famagusta).

What is the slogan of this radio station?

Answer: .

Why I can’t hear this radio station?

Answer: May be streaming link was dead or In your visiting time, Orthodoxy Radio station’s broadcasting was off.

What type of content they broadcast?

Answer: Misc.

Now Let’s play and enjoy Orthodoxy Radio.

Orthodoxy Radio
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